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Large format 3D printing

Do Print Buyer know how exciting things are in the wide format world. With so many changes happening in the industry in both production & materials. Large format printing is changing the print industry day on day. This week Repro Arts have been testing 3D printing. This has shown another dimension to print. With the right design stunning results can be produced.

Printing Large format in CMYK on to this new material gives complete depth to the image. Products can now be printed to look as if they are standing in front of you in a 3D format. The design need to be produced to give a maximum effect when printed. This is an ideal printed product for internal Point of Sale. It can also be incorporated in to free standing displays or large built in displays in retail outlets.

Graphics can be produced signal sided or twin sided. With the same or different images on each side. Prints can be trimmed to fit within a pre determined area or cut to shape. This product offers endless opportunities for retail promotion. Like to know more talk to us now.


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You choose the size we print


Our printing is not just out put in the A size range. Imperial size is also available . Happy to talk to you in the language you like to use and understand. Also offering bespoke size if you require. Our printing system is so flexible You can choose  the size, you will be offered advice if the size is not economic for the material used. You will be advised if there will be a join or if your size would need to be tiled. but if you still want it a standard size you are welcome. Our sales team are happy to assist you if you require, So contact us now with your printing requirements.

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Put it up & take it down as offten as you like

Printing some thing new is always great. It gives every one in the team a feeling of satisfaction. Today that is what happened. Job spec was given to us. Window poster printed in full colour to be viewed from the out side. Nothing to had about that then. With spot white. The posters must be removerbal so that they can be re used time & time again. Now that may be a little harder to achieve.

Just the product Stayfix  transparent sheet this can be printed in reverse in full colour backed with spot white can also be cut to any shape.

Out of the packet on to the press. Perfect print with a perfect result for the end user. How was that achieved all with natural static .

Easy to affix to the window. Easy to remove. No residue. Store it to use it again.



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Acrylic sheet printing

Acrylic sheet can be printed on the surface this great if you are looking for a solid back ground colour or the image is to cover the whole panel. Clear acrylic can be surface or under surface printed. Under surface printing can offer a large range of print options. From white text. Mixed colour text this will be transparent if not backed with white. Full colour image can be printed also with a range of text.

Acrylic can be printed in panels as large as 3M x 2M or any size below that. The thickness can range from 2mm to 20 mm.

Panels can be cut square, rectangle or profile cut on a Zund cutting table

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