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Wide format printing produces Soft Signage & Wall coverings

Soft signage or creative wall coverings you can have them all. Wide format printing has made it all possible. Only now are material manufactures catching up to the digital printers that have become part of our arsenal of printing equipment. If it can not be Screen printed, large format is the next option. Printing of Banners, Fabrics, Canvas, Wall coverings & Repositionable Materials in full colour reel to reel or in large or irregular shape panels creates no problem for our large format printers.

Wall coverings can have individual design in stead of standard design. What an opening for interior designers, or switched on painter & decorators. This is an opportunity to supply a unique printed package. This printed media can spill over in to areas like DIY experts, shop fitting  & Exhibition stand builders who can now offer personalised wallpaper that is fundamentally easy to use. With PVC free digital nonwoven wallpapers from ERFURT, it is now possible to approach wall design with wallpapers from a purely creative standpoint, free any environmental concerns. ERFURT Digital nonwoven is hot roll pressed from pure non woven material which hugely increases the durability of it surface. The wall covering printed in vibrant full colour looks stunning. Can be hung using conventional nonwoven adhesive, either by the wall pasting technique or with a pasting machine. Smooth, textured and adhesive backed papers are available When it comes to redecorating ERFURT Digital nonwoven can be simply stripped dry from the wall.

The soft signage revolution is gathering pace and we offer a range of printed materials with a unique look and feel. Large stunning graphics or small logo repeats can produce exciting interiors and fabric displays. Your vision is the limit our printing and finishing is the start.

Repro Arts leading wide format printers and finishers

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Self Adhesive Stickers what do you use yours for

What do we at Repro Arts know about stickers.

Printing a sticker. What you need to tell us, so that our experience can be used to your advantage. What is this sticker to be used for. Where is it going to be applied. The type of surface, will this be hot or cold. What is the function of the sticker, informative, warning, decorative, security or promotional.  Once you have given us some information on your sticker requirements Repro Arts can start to offer a specification for material & printing of the sticker you require.

There is not one material or adhesive that suites that is why you will be offered a wide range of materials from top brands like Avery, 3M & promotional films like self cling PVC.

Printing methods for stickers are also as varied as materials can be digitally printed in full colour, Screen printed in full colour or spot pantone colours to match your Branding. Printing on to the vinyl film can be on the surface, under surface, reverse , or even twin sided. Stickers can have sequential numbers or be customised with individual names stores or locations.

The sticker can be enhanced by printing gloss, matt, colour or build up varnish. Or lamination can be applied in matt , gloss or crystal this can offer protection or cut down reflection.

Stickers can be trimmed to size, have radius corners, be die cut to shape, have easy peel tabs or slit backing so it easy to remove the backing for application. With to option of computer for large format & one offs. Stickers can also be kiss cut & left in sheets. Have pre space tape to the face to protect them during application.

What ever the requirement for your sticker or decal you can be sure that you will be offered a specification  that will meet the application

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It may be hot but Christmas Point of Sale is hotter

Are you in Retail  one store or more stores. Now is the ideal time to think about that Christmas campaign. Get that grey matter on the move. Do not leave it until the last minute. This year be on top of it.

It will pay to be organised. It will give you more time to do all the things you said you should have done last year. Your stores will have that prefrontal  look. This will pay off because a well planed campaign increases the foot fall in your stores. Increased foot fall leads to a higher spend per visit.

There are some great ideas this year floor graphics & ceiling graphics use once.

Hanging cards, Window graphics. Large banners, Bollard signs. What an array of special inks to be printed from glitter to Gold. Yes they all have a shelf life so you can store and re use the following year. Just do not put a date on your Point of Sale campaign. Next year you can freshen up your store with some additional prints.

You could also arrange your January SALE Point of Sale campaign to be delivered in December now that is forward planning.

All Point of Sale can be printed by wide format printing or Screen printing or both. Printing can be finished with die cutting, hand finishing or Large format printing can be profile cut. Point of Sale and printing can be collated in to Store packs & dispatched Nation wide via our partner UPS.

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