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Printing QR Codes will promote your Company

Is you Company missing out not having a QR code printed.

Do you have a member of staff who will work 24-7 for free. This is what a printed QR code can do for your company. This simple code printed on all your out door advertising can increase you ROI. Once printed the code is your company gate way it will promote and offer your service or product. How people with a smart phone can down load a free QR code reader this is used to scan your code. What it does reads your code & takes your customers direct to your web site. A static code once scanned will deliver the customers to your web site, however improvements have now been made that offer far more flexibility. It is now possible with new soft wear to change what is viewed. Not only you web site but video or promotions on your web site. The code can be scanned & you could show a video of a new product next time it is used it can be a special price offer. Retail can benefit get people to scan the code bring the phone in to the store to claim a discount. Larger stores can add the code to Point of Sale this could be used to bring people in to the store to scan the code to claim a free cup of coffee when the store is slow & to promote future events when the store is busy.

Were should you display you new QR code. This should be printed on to any thing that your customers has access to. Window graphics, Banners. Point of Sale & Vehicle graphics. Printing you QR code does not have to be boring it no longer has to be black to work. Your code can be customised to your logo & printed in any colour or combination of colours. Take a look at our Face book page. Promotional printing can now offer you a whole lot more for your money with the inclusion of a QR code.

Need a code  See a video of QR Code use

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