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Variable data wide format printing what is it

Variable wide format printing what is it
Large format printing has changed so much over the past few years. Most print buyers, Retailers & Companies have not realised the change in options of print. Working with old concepts they produce print campaign after print campaign that mirror one another with only a change of wording.
Variable wide format printing in full colour changes this. Everyone knows the value of a Brand. Now the printed Brand message can be taken further. The Brad image can be printed with variable data. This can be in the form of a local message. An image of each store manager. The local venue or message.
The data can change from one print to the next while carrying the same format with the corporate Branding.
Prints can have a local phone number, national or free phone numbers printed as variable data. Creating a national Brand with a local feel.
Printed campaigns can now be produced to promote the Brand in vibrant full colour giving high visual awareness on a National level with that local or personal quality.
Is it time to look at your printing requirements & shape them up for the twenty first century. Produce print with punch & shape that will get your message across to your coustomers.

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