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Large format fullcolour printing

Large format printing 2.5M wide (8’4”) any length x 50 mm deep
From your print ready file or our studio created art work files. Large format printing can be produced to your size requirements. Offering outstanding image quality, printing reel to reel or direct to sheets of printable media. Quick turn round of your printing requirements. Our flat bed printer lets us load print media while printing & collecting finished print order.
Printing multiple sheets of ridged material at any one time. This creates an efficient work flow because print media can be loaded & finished jobs collected while the press is still printing.
This proposes to enhance printing requirements. Offering single sided printing in full colour on white media, Twin sided printing in full colour with the option of same image each side or an image change for the second side. Or verbal printing with personalised prints thought the print run. Clear sheets can be printed with a white image, text or reverse printed in full colour with spot white or backed with a solid white. This also offers a print option of white under coat or white over coat on to clear or coloured printable media.
Printing is not just black & white but it can be if you would like.
As a print service provider this has given us the opportunity to target new applications with quality printing results on a broad range of print media both ridged & flexible. With the ability to print on to almost every type of print media. Such print media as corrugated polypropylene .
Providing print for internal use or durable for external use.
Our large format finishing is just as complex.
If this is to in-depth for you just ask if we can print your requirement. Most print requirement are produced with out being this technical

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