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A Canvas print Valentine picture

You favourite picture, company message, or Point of Sale item. All can be reproduced in full colour at any size. Printed on to Canvas the end result is stunning. Looks up to date and is very fashionable.

That Valentine picture will look stunning and what a memory. This is a straight forward process copying a digital image in full colour on to canvas. The canvas is the pulled tight over a wooden frame. Creating a painted effect.

This is great for one off requirements. Now when larger quantities are needed this process can be printed on to  a plastic sheet with a canvas emboss. The sheets can be cut and routed out. Enabling the sheets to be folded producing  the print and frame. Goods can be transported flat and with a reduction in weight cost less to dispatch.

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What is Variable wide format printing Why do you not use it

Print buyers & designers still do not get wide format variable printing. What do they not understand about printing it. It is what retailers have wanted for years. Why are the buyers & designers not giving the end user what they want & need.

How often do you see an ill fitting window poster far to large or small for the window, or piece of Point of Sale that is too small for the area.

Variable wide format printing solves this & offers much much more. Variable wide format printing offers the use of full colour images with solid area or white text on clear. Each print can be produced to its own size or shape. If you have 100 stores each with 10 windows & each window is its own size. You require a poster to fit the full extent of each window. The 1,000 posters can all be printed at the same time with each poster being a different size to the other. Why would you settle for one size fits all when the campaign can fill all the windows at there unique sizes.

It does not finish there. Yes you want to keep your branding, your campaign theme & colour through out. Change the text no not the campaign text you want to keep that corporate. 100 stores in 100 City or towns make each store feel like home. Sale starts in Manchester  / Sale in Norwich . If your company offers concessions in store this could read welcome to Hull or Hatfield.

Branded but individual. It is not just the text printing that can change it could also be a product or a store manager picture in full colour different on each poster.

Variable printing is not just rested to posters all types of Point of Sale can be produced this way all on a large array of materials. All other printing & finishing options are not affected.

So why is your company not taking up wide format printing variable solutions for Point of Sale


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