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Printing white screen or wide format printing

Printing white screen or wide format printing.

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Printing white screen or wide format printing

Solving a print buyers problem

This is some thing that we love to do offer a solution that solves a print problem. One of the most common problems is printing white. The question is can white be printed. The simple answer is it can be achieved.

There are two ways in which white can be printed by screen print or wide format printing.

However there are many uses for printing white ink by either method.

The white ink can be printed on to transparent materials both flexible and rigid. The white ink can be printed correct reading to be viewed from the face or the image can be printed in reverse. This enables the image to be viewed through the transparent material correct reading. The most common use for this is window graphics.

Reverse image printed in full colour on to clear material can be enhanced with a print of spot white. Printing white ink on selected areas behind the full colour printed image. Leaving transparent areas this could be an area for a TV or computer screen to be viewed.  

White ink can also be printed on to dark colour ink that has already been printed on to a sheet. This enables white text or logo to be over printed on the dark coloured ink. Ideal for adding information to already printed material.

Printing white ink can also be used for variable printing. Each print may need a number, name or additional information printed over the main image.

A wealth of printing options can be achieved from white.

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Repro Arts

Repro Arts in 3 mins

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