Way finder and directory signage

Way finder and directory signage

No building or complex is complete without way finder signage, From outside to inside way finder signs are required as people will be lost without them. The building needs a name or number as does the entrance or doors. In the grounds or once inside visitors need direction. This type of product needs planning and the input of a graphic designer as this concept will also carry corporate Branding as well as informative messages. The design must be simple, easily read, and in some cases tactile for visually impaired. Planning way finder and directory signs is a great opportunity to produce eye catching Branded signage that delivers people smoothly to their destination. Add soft sell printed wall covering to the mix to enhance the program and this will add a further dimension to the project and Branding. Your graphic designer will need a very good brief and a budget for the project, at this stage you will need the input of a sign manufacturer who can offer all the latest materials and lighting to form stunning informative signage that will last for years with little or no maintenance. With an arsenal of materials that offer a long life and versatility in production to deliver the finished project with knockout affects. Hard wearing Acrylic sheet that can be opaque and self coloured to opal for illumination. Clear acrylic that can be reverse printed in any colour, forming face protection for the print and can be fixed with stand off fittings. Self adhesive for easy change options and temporary information points. Fire rated PVC sheet that can be printed with full colour images and is easily cut to shape and installed. Aluminium trim, frames and finishing can be part of the installation. Composite sheet can offer ridged panels for corners and outdoor signage.




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