Screen Printing inks and effects

Screen printing also known as Silk screen printing is a unique print process

Sheet fed screen printing offers a print media that is both economic for printing larger quantity print runs also inks to produce special effects that cannot be produced by litho or wide format printing. Screen printing has always offered value for money when printing mid run quantity production in both spot colour or full colour onto print media that inks from other print processes will not key to, or the substrate is to thick to print onto by other print process.

From paper to stainless steel this process can offer excellant ink adhesion, making this process an ideal choice for industry. With an array of print media that is designed for industrial application. Materials like Perspex acrylic sheet, polypropylene sheet, synthetic papers from Polyart  and endless self-adhesive for every application from decals to reflective signs. High and low temperature, under water or high speed transportation are all in the self adhesive remit.

Screen printing can add value and enhance litho printed sheets with special formulated inks for special applications. Spot UV Varnish in Matt, Gloss, Satin and colours add a unique finish to a cover and an invitation can be printed with build up varnish giving build up and depth to the print. Lottery type tickets need rub removable latex inks in Silver, Gold and Bronze printed over those winning numbers. While all those postal replies need an adhesive that will remoisten when wet in clear and colours or a latex adhesive that will stick to itself.

Retail benefits from solid Pantone colour matches and bright fluorescent colours printed over a vast area onto window posters with eye-catching results that draw shoppers into the store. Once in store hanging and counter cards printed onto each side of thick card with bright coloured ink, greet you with theme messages.

Screen printing ink plays an important part in seasonal promotions with fluorescent colours for SALES and Events. Gold, Silver, Bronze and special colour Glitter inks predominately for the Christmas markets. Not just the ink finish but the colours reflect the seasons with Orange and Black for Halloween, Green for Spring and Yellow for Summer.

Special inks that offer a purpose can be Screen printed. Ferris ink can be printed as solid panels or as dots to make card and plastic magnetic. The ferris ink will cling to a magnetic surface. Twin pack ink produced as an ink and catalyst, produces a hard ink that enhances adhesion and offers longevity.

Perspex acrylic has a range of ink that can be surface or undersurface printed. The ink can be opaque for density or translucent for illumination in sign light boxes. Printing opaque white onto clear or dark colours

Glow in the dark ink for safety signs and promotional stickers. This ink creates the type of signs that are on board aircraft. If the lights fail the sign glows showing the information  The ink charges when the lights are on and releases energy when the lights are switched off.

Full colour Wide format digital prints can be enhanced with Screen printed UV Gloss or Matt varnish, over printed in spot format to highlight text or image or full coverage delivering a stunning high gloss finish to the whole area.

Commercial Screen Printing

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