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Screen Printing inks and effects

Screen printing also known as Silk screen printing is a unique print process

Sheet fed screen printing  Read the rest of this entry »

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Ask us about your Large printing requirements

We would like to know what your company’s wide format printing, screen printing & graphic requirements are for 2014 so we can fill our blog with interesting & helpful information.

Tell us if you need to know more about our service, which materials to print onto or printing inks, large format printing, screen printing, print finishing, UV Varnish & build up varnish.

In Store Point of Sale …..Ready for Christmas ……New Year …   Chinese New New…..Valentines ….Mothers Day …..or your new Campaign…

Follow the blog to find out  whats new in wide format printing and large format finishing  ….

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Disaster recovery & Social Media go together

Disaster recovery plan every tender every major company you business trades with will ask you do you have one in place. Do you yes. Yes is always the answer and you think you will never use it. What does it cover just the normal things if the building burns down or if the area is flooded. But that will never happen to your company will it.

As all of our customers know Repro Arts Screen & wide format printers have developed the date order system to offer a seamless printing experience. From your printing enquire email to the delivery of the printed items to your warehouse or store. It is all electronic via email & our print management information system. Our customers & our company could not survive with out it. Repro Arts web site has an FTP for print file up load. Our sales team have email on iPhone & iPad. They also have external links to log in to the print management information system.

The print enquire is entered in to the system that has all customer & branch details compiled, an estimate is prepared & emailed to the enquirer. The enquirer places their print order via email. Sending the art work via email, Dropbox or Yousendit  or send a link to down load from there web site the print ready files for printing. An acknowledgment of order is emailed to the print buyer so that the specification ,price, delivery instructions & date are correct. The print buyer emails his approval of the print acknowledgment. A print work order is generated containing all the information to enable the production team to print & finish the order pack ready for dispatch. The print ready art work is ripped embedded  in the work order & emailed to the print buyer for approval before printing can commence. The print buyer emails their approval of the art work. The production team produce the print order. At any stage of the process the print order can be tracked if the buyer requires a progress report. Once printed, finished & packed to the print buyers specification the buyer is sent an email containing the dispatch note with dispatch date web tracking number so that the goods can be tracked via the web while in transit. The printed goods are invoiced by email. Payment can be made for the printed goods via credit card on our web site or via BACS to our bank.

Disaster happened one morning Repro Arts lost touch with the world of printing losing their broadband connection. After tracing the cause of the problem & setting out to rectify this. The dust was knocked off the disaster recovery plan. We had a plan for every disaster encountered in the past fire, flood & strike & all between nothing for loss of broadband & email. What an over site as this is now key to our printing success & continued expansion.

Phones were not affected so we could work as normal just the broadband. Then it appeared our White Knight in shining armour. Our inbound sales team had been working on it for a year. It was shaping nicely & promoting our brand. It is keeping our customers & potential customers informed of advancements & achievements in our printing, graphics & display service.

Social Media we were able to contact & inform companies print buyers of the loss of email facilities keeping in touch up dating them for the duration that lasted for ten days. Yes we had a disaster recovery plan & we did not even know it. Thank you Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin, Ipatter Gmail & Google to mention a few. It could not have done it with out you.  Repro Arts are back on track large format & screen printing our friends on social Media have grown all orders were dispatched on time. See us on Social Media contact our inbound sales team for your company printing requirements.



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Variable data wide format printing what is it

Variable wide format printing what is it
Large format printing has changed so much over the past few years. Most print buyers, Retailers & Companies have not realised the change in options of print. Working with old concepts they produce print campaign after print campaign that mirror one another with only a change of wording.
Variable wide format printing in full colour changes this. Everyone knows the value of a Brand. Now the printed Brand message can be taken further. The Brad image can be printed with variable data. This can be in the form of a local message. An image of each store manager. The local venue or message.
The data can change from one print to the next while carrying the same format with the corporate Branding.
Prints can have a local phone number, national or free phone numbers printed as variable data. Creating a national Brand with a local feel.
Printed campaigns can now be produced to promote the Brand in vibrant full colour giving high visual awareness on a National level with that local or personal quality.
Is it time to look at your printing requirements & shape them up for the twenty first century. Produce print with punch & shape that will get your message across to your coustomers.

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