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Screen Printing inks and effects

Screen printing also known as Silk screen printing is a unique print process

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Design your own posters and banners!

As you may well be aware, our website has undergone a big revamp since last year, and we’ve got a few new pages to go with our new look! We’ve mentioned the Exhibition Design Tool and all of the great green products now available to print on in previous posts, but we’ve got a few more exciting new features to share too!

Firstly, we’re working on building a Knowledge Base where you can find out all sorts of things like paper sizes (exactly how big is A0?), optimum viewing distances and standard poster measurements.

Secondly, we’re offering a new service where you can design your very own poster or banner and we’ll print it for you in glorious technicolour!
Get a giant 600mm x 1200mm poster for £24.95 or a 1m x 4.5m banner for £49.95.
All you need to do is create your design using PhotoShop or similar (or a good online photo editor such as Pixlr), save it as a PDF file* and then upload it to our website. Use the PayPal buttons to place your order and tell us how many posters or banners you need, then enter your payment information and the rest is up to us! Postage is £6.50 per order, not per item, and your order will be dispatched in 3-5 working days. You can include whatever you like – photos, drawings, text, anything! Maybe someone special has a birthday coming up – design a banner with their picture on it and your own personalised message. Or maybe you want your best photography work printed to giant proportions and displayed for all to see! Whether it’s just for one special event or it’s going to become a permanent feature, head over to Repro Arts and let us turn your design into a larger-than-life poster!

In order for your poster or banner to look great, you’ll need to make sure your image resolution is high enough so that when it’s enlarged the quality doesn’t get compromised. The standard minimum resolution for print is 300 dpi, meaning 300 dots (or pixels) per inch. You can enlarge printed photos by scanning them into your computer at a resolution of 300dpi or above. Images downloaded from the internet will generally have a resolution of 72 dpi, and therefore won’t look great when enlarged. It’s not possible to open an image with a low dpi in PhotoShop (or similar) and increase the resolution – it just won’t look very good when printed.

You’ll also need to make sure that your design is proportional so it won’t be distorted when enlarged. There’s no need to try and design it at full size; as long as it’s one-third the size of the finished product then we can enlarge it for you.

Go on – design your poster or banner now!

*Converting your files to PDF: some photo editing software will allow you to save directly as a .pdf file, however, if yours doesn’t, you can use a free online converter such as CutePDF to do it for you.

Poster design       Basic banner design

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