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Estate Agents ….could your Council damage you business

Estate Agents business have been changed forever by the internet, with online searches accounting for the major share of home sales. But how many people contact your office because they have seen your Branded Estate Agents Boards emblazoned with your telephone number or because they have scanned the QR Code giving direct access to the property details on your website. This group of people are not searching on the web, but chance buyers who have been made aware of a pending property sale by great cost effective advertising by your agency. But what if your council banned your most cost effective advertising tool, your Branded Estimate Agents Board. How would this effect your business ? Over the year the government have imposed more and more legislation on Estate Agents with stringent sizes of boards that can be displayed. For Sale Boards can be placed on property the Estate Agents are selling or renting out with a time limit of 14 days after the sale date for removal of the boards. Councils are banning the boards, classing them as a blot on the landscape. A growing list of Councils,Westminster, Kensington,Hammersmith, Lincoln, Hastings, Preston, Bath, Newcastle and Leeds have banned the For Sale Board after successful application to the government. It is reported that Mr Mark Hayward, chief executive of National Association of Estate Agents has called on Councils not to ban the For Sale Boards asking Councils to enforce the existing planning rules. Estate Agents should act responsibly to avoid the ban spreading by siting For Sale Boards only on property that is listed for sale with them. For those of you in banned areas there are ways around the ban. Promote events within the area with participants placing Branded boards advertising the event on their property. Adhesive free Printed window stickers advertising posters applied to the inside of the glazing. Property with lawns can have printed Graphics applied and removed without damage. Floor graphics can be applied to concrete or tarmac drive ways within the property Boundary.This product can easily be removed after the sale of the property and can even have an over sticker applied when the sale is complete. Graphics can be applied to vehicles in the drive. It’s time to be inventive with printed advertising.

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Printing QR Codes will promote your Company

Is you Company missing out not having a QR code printed.

Do you have a member of staff who will work 24-7 for free. This is what a printed QR code can do for your company. This simple code printed on all your out door advertising can increase you ROI. Once printed the code is your company gate way it will promote and offer your service or product. How people with a smart phone can down load a free QR code reader this is used to scan your code. What it does reads your code & takes your customers direct to your web site. A static code once scanned will deliver the customers to your web site, however improvements have now been made that offer far more flexibility. It is now possible with new soft wear to change what is viewed. Not only you web site but video or promotions on your web site. The code can be scanned & you could show a video of a new product next time it is used it can be a special price offer. Retail can benefit get people to scan the code bring the phone in to the store to claim a discount. Larger stores can add the code to Point of Sale this could be used to bring people in to the store to scan the code to claim a free cup of coffee when the store is slow & to promote future events when the store is busy.

Were should you display you new QR code. This should be printed on to any thing that your customers has access to. Window graphics, Banners. Point of Sale & Vehicle graphics. Printing you QR code does not have to be boring it no longer has to be black to work. Your code can be customised to your logo & printed in any colour or combination of colours. Take a look at our Face book page. Promotional printing can now offer you a whole lot more for your money with the inclusion of a QR code.

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QR codes – what are they all about?

You’re bound to have seen them around – those little black-and-white pixelated squares that seem to be cropping up more and more often lately. But just what are they? QR codes, or mobile tags, is the answer. A QR (that’s Quick Response) code is like a barcode that can be read by applications on certain mobiles and smartphones that, when scanned, will take you directly to a mobile version of a website (you can try it for yourself here).

The codes were created in Japan and are now becoming very popular in Europe too. When scanned by a reader (easily downloaded onto iPhones and Android devices and often pre-installed on many mobile platforms), the codes can lead to a mobile website, location information, a voucher code or special offer, contact details or even a trailer for a film. They can carry several hundreds of times the amount of data carried by ordinary barcodes thanks to their ability to be read in both horizontal and vertical directions.

QR codes can now be found on t-shirts, posters, business cards, the sides of buildings (see the skyscraper in Tokyo that has been turned into a giant QR code) and have even started to be used as artwork. They are being used more frequently in the gaming world, where players of the PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet 2 can generate and print a code for every level in the game, and hold the code up to the PlayStation Eye camera to be taken directly to that level. The Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker application can generate a code for any Mii so that it can be published or shared on the internet, and the game Defense Grid: The Awakening (used in the Portal 2 ARG campaign) even has a level shaped like a QR code.

Any business can take advantage of the new technology and show off their tech knowledge through the use of a QR code. Add them to your posters, business cards and promotional material and give customers quick access to product details, contact information and special offers. The codes can be easily generated using sites such as Kaywa, and it’s even possible to add a logo into the code (provided your code has a high enough error correction margin).

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