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Way finder and directory signage

Way finder and directory signage

No building or complex is complete without way finder signage, From outside to inside way finder signs are required as people will be lost without them. The building needs a name or number as does the entrance or doors. In the grounds or once inside visitors need direction. This type of product needs planning and the input of a graphic designer as this concept will also carry corporate Branding as well as informative messages. The design must be simple, easily read, and in some cases tactile for visually impaired. Planning way finder and directory signs is a great opportunity to produce eye catching Branded signage that delivers people smoothly to their destination. Add soft sell printed wall covering to the mix to enhance the program and this will add a further dimension to the project and Branding. Your graphic designer will need a very good brief and a budget for the project, at this stage you will need the input of a sign manufacturer who can offer all the latest materials and lighting to form stunning informative signage that will last for years with little or no maintenance. With an arsenal of materials that offer a long life and versatility in production to deliver the finished project with knockout affects. Hard wearing Acrylic sheet that can be opaque and self coloured to opal for illumination. Clear acrylic that can be reverse printed in any colour, forming face protection for the print and can be fixed with stand off fittings. Self adhesive for easy change options and temporary information points. Fire rated PVC sheet that can be printed with full colour images and is easily cut to shape and installed. Aluminium trim, frames and finishing can be part of the installation. Composite sheet can offer ridged panels for corners and outdoor signage.




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Made on Earth by humans

What a week for Elon Musk with another first for the world as SpaceX launched it’s Falcon 9 Heavy rocket with the return to Earth surviving Max Q the point of maximum dynamic air pressure. What a great team effort from concept, design and manufacture of the worlds first heavy rocket to be launched which will be reused. Who would not want to be Elon this week, what an achievement. The maiden launch and successful return of SpaceX which is a 70 metres high heavy rocket opens so many future possibilities for space travel and reducing costs of launching satellites and communication devices.

Now the dust has settled, the test payload orbits the sun and what a spectacle this payload is. The first car in space a red Tesla Roadster with Starman, which is incidentally  is named in tribute of the late David Bowie at the wheel of the Tesla Roadster.  Starman is dressed in a space suit and David Bowies  A Space Odyssey is playing on the audio system, which is still available from, he is on track for a million years in space . The Tesla car has not been changed at all for this mammoth journey, it is a standard Tesla Roadster.

Additional items on board the Tesla Roadster are few Easter Eggs, plus a towel and a sign saying “Don’t Panic” and in the glove box a copy of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by author Douglas Adams,does this make Douglas the first author of the first publication in space. The names of some 6000 SpaceX workers employees are engraved on a plaque mounted on the payload.

One of the circuit boards has a printed imprint reading Made on Earth by Humans. What a successful project, so successful that it has delivered not just a project that will aide a world wide benefit in technology. This has also been a master piece in worldwide Branding and product awareness for the Tesla Brand. This Tesla Roadster will be talked about for years to come, with views of the car in space shown time and time again on TV programs all over the world. The print publishers of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ” could be claiming this is the first book travelling in space. A whole list of entries for the Guinness Book of records have been created.

Planning a campaign of this type does not happen every day and for most business owners, this will never happen to their business without paying very large amounts of money for the privilege. However large or small or even a fledgling business will have opportunities every day to market their Brand and promoting their business. With a little thought and planning you can grab the opportunity. Print is an ideal media to promote Brands and business. There is always an opportunity to get noticed and most of the time the only cost you incur is the print charge.

Look for the opportunity, a fence outside the office could support a printed banner, Car parking signs can be branded, company cars can carry advertising or a vehicle wrap in full colour, the sky is the limit. The floor in the hall way leading to your door could have a floor graphic, advertising Space travel for a travel agent. Your advertising could be out of this world if you use empty spaces for adverts.

Wayfinder signs can direct customers to your door. Building new premises or extending an existing building , use the builders hoarding boards to advertise the space you are developing, promoting your branding and your services, or use a QR Code to lead customers to your website taking advantage of cross media. Are your goods branded when in transport, if they are large vehicles a huge branded sticker with contact details will prove you are not from Mars. If your use a transport company regularly ask if you can add your message when they deliver on behalf of your company.

Working on site use an advertising board with all the company details and services offered and when you leave simply replace it with a site board saying a job well done by your company and leave it on site while other contractors finish the contract, for the small price of a printed site board you could gain another contract from the  free advertising.

Tesla should have vehicle wrapped that car……..


Vehicle advertising wrap by Repro Arts 




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Wide format printing produces Soft Signage & Wall coverings

Soft signage or creative wall coverings you can have them all. Wide format printing has made it all possible. Only now are material manufactures catching up to the digital printers that have become part of our arsenal of printing equipment. If it can not be Screen printed, large format is the next option. Printing of Banners, Fabrics, Canvas, Wall coverings & Repositionable Materials in full colour reel to reel or in large or irregular shape panels creates no problem for our large format printers.

Wall coverings can have individual design in stead of standard design. What an opening for interior designers, or switched on painter & decorators. This is an opportunity to supply a unique printed package. This printed media can spill over in to areas like DIY experts, shop fitting  & Exhibition stand builders who can now offer personalised wallpaper that is fundamentally easy to use. With PVC free digital nonwoven wallpapers from ERFURT, it is now possible to approach wall design with wallpapers from a purely creative standpoint, free any environmental concerns. ERFURT Digital nonwoven is hot roll pressed from pure non woven material which hugely increases the durability of it surface. The wall covering printed in vibrant full colour looks stunning. Can be hung using conventional nonwoven adhesive, either by the wall pasting technique or with a pasting machine. Smooth, textured and adhesive backed papers are available When it comes to redecorating ERFURT Digital nonwoven can be simply stripped dry from the wall.

The soft signage revolution is gathering pace and we offer a range of printed materials with a unique look and feel. Large stunning graphics or small logo repeats can produce exciting interiors and fabric displays. Your vision is the limit our printing and finishing is the start.

Repro Arts leading wide format printers and finishers

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