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It may be hot but Christmas Point of Sale is hotter

Are you in Retail  one store or more stores. Now is the ideal time to think about that Christmas campaign. Get that grey matter on the move. Do not leave it until the last minute. This year be on top of it.

It will pay to be organised. It will give you more time to do all the things you said you should have done last year. Your stores will have that prefrontal  look. This will pay off because a well planed campaign increases the foot fall in your stores. Increased foot fall leads to a higher spend per visit.

There are some great ideas this year floor graphics & ceiling graphics use once.

Hanging cards, Window graphics. Large banners, Bollard signs. What an array of special inks to be printed from glitter to Gold. Yes they all have a shelf life so you can store and re use the following year. Just do not put a date on your Point of Sale campaign. Next year you can freshen up your store with some additional prints.

You could also arrange your January SALE Point of Sale campaign to be delivered in December now that is forward planning.

All Point of Sale can be printed by wide format printing or Screen printing or both. Printing can be finished with die cutting, hand finishing or Large format printing can be profile cut. Point of Sale and printing can be collated in to Store packs & dispatched Nation wide via our partner UPS.


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