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Repro Arts

Repro Arts in 3 mins


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Wide format printing & cutting technology on acrylic

Wide format printing & cutting technology on acrylic

Full colour printing on to Acrylic

A revolution in printing technology has given the end user an unrivalled product. It offers the Designer a blank canvas to create an image of picture & text & the printer has become like a bespoke tailor offering made to measure print.

Printing can be on to a range of thickness to meet your requirement for any project. Acrylic extruded sheet is available in standard size of 3M x 2M & can also be tiled. Acrylic is available in a vast range of standard colours opaque, translucent also transparent.

The Designers image can be printed direct to the opaque acrylic sheet in full colour. This creates stunning eye catching images. To avoid colour loss & to retain the strength of colour a white panel or spot white areas can be printed with the full colour image printed over the white area.

The transparent acrylic sheet offers further flexibility for design. The image can be printed in the same way as the opaque. A further option is to under surface print. This option simply means that the full colour image is printed on to the under side of the acrylic. The full colour printing is then over printed with white ink in the areas required. This offers opacity to the full colour image. This printing system offers protection to the ink as it is behind the acrylic. The image is correct reading from the front of the acrylic. White text of any point size can also be printed on it’s own to ether face or reverse of the acrylic sheet. The white needs to be shown as a fifth colour within your art work file. Clear areas can be left with in the print area to accommodate TV or computer screens to be affixed.

The printed acrylic sheet of any thickness can be cut to any shape. Just supply a Vector file to path with the art work. Extra apertures for fittings or dials can be cut at the same time as the profile cutting. The cutting is as revolutionary as the printing.

This process offers a wide product range from display panels, operating panels, dash boards, graphic display panels for promotional stands to wall mounted display panels with stand off fittings, counter tops & signs.

For wide format printing & large format finishing of print.



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Printed Graphics with no adhesive

Printed window posters with no adhesive

A Retailers dream window posters with no adhesive. No suction cups or tape. Just peel & stick to the window how easy.

Your art work is printed as normal in stunning full colour. With spot white. Text printed in white. Full colour print can backed with solid white.

This new material is designed for modern printing the print quality gained is stunning. Produced for wide format printing it is in reel or sheet. This means the material can be printed reel to reel or flat bed printing direct to material. This also means that the size is no problem when printing. The option for size is endless. From very small printed images. To printing giant full colour graphics covering the whole glazed area.

Another great feature of this material is the option of both a clear & white. The white material option means that a face printed panel can be applied to white goods & acrylic panels.

The main feature of the material is that once printed it can be applied with no adhesive. The material can be applied with no bubbles or creases in the finished print. This enhances the finished print producing an eye catching graphic selling you product. Remove & re use.

Print finishing can also offers another dimension to the finished print. This material can be profile cut to any shape on a Zund flat bed cutting table. This offers finishing of even the largest size graphics.

So your stores need printed graphics one, two a few or thousands all the same. This is an Ideal material for producing variable printing.  Variable size can be printed with the same image. This solves lots of finished print problems.


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