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Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker all need print

Whatever your business you need to promote

Your business may not offer a product for sale it may be a service or you may be only online. Whatever your business it needs print to raise awareness and visibility of the company and products or services offered. Even online companies need to promote awareness of that important website and companies as large as Amazon produce the billboards to shout about the services and products they offer. Larger companies use print in their plan to promote as part of a carefully planned cross media campaign. Print is the stable element with a guarantee of  short or long term visual impact. With so many ways to advertise in print, planning is so important as there are so many options available, billboards, buses, taxis, window graphics and floor graphics internal or external. Street advertising can be costly but effective, chill cabinets, magnetics, vinyls and dividers. we find that hanging cards with a message printed each side are popular and also very cost effective. There are numerous ways to advertise from Vehicle markings, advertising wraps and part wraps even removable magnetics for taxis and variable print and consecutive numbering.

Retail business know the power of print, producing regular print campaigns following the seasons and promoting sale promotions and embracing new phenomenon like Black Friday making this one of the largest turnover of sales in a two week period across the world.

Print is often overlooked by both large and small companies as they pay for radio and TV advertising this is a fantastic way of promoting but needs to be backed up by visuals and as we all know print is one of the most visible means of advertising. Offering simple print solutions like a banner which is reasonably priced but effective and easy to use and  placed in the correct position with a heavy footfall the banner can be viewed by thousands on a daily basis

Print has the versatility of performing inside and outside with weather resistant inks and print media will perform as well outside as in. Many print media will perform well if used in both scenarios.

A good place to start is to give your designer a very in-depth brief of both the print needs and the projects end use. Great design delivers not only a fantastic visual impact with high quality print to ensure the message is backed with vibrant colour. This will deliver the message with visual impact delivering more sales, its always a good idea at this stage to discuss your ideas with the qualified print manufacturer who should give ideas and suggestions on what can be done and an idea of meeting your budget.

High quality vector artwork will enable the artwork to be enlarged or reduced in size to the perfect print sizes required with out loss of the quality of any part of the design. If in dought you or your designer can contact Repro Arts with any artwork or media questions on our team is always happy to help.

With modern wide format printers full colour printing is common place, printing direct to most  print media material in sheets up to 3M x 2M or reel media up to 2.2M wide. With this size range all print requirements can be met. Printing with UV and solvent inks  is dependent on media specifications and you can print onto one or two sides.

Additional finishes can be added to the full colour print which include UV spot varnish full coverage UV Varnish in Gloss, Matt, Satin or colour finishers. Add Lamination with Gloss, Matt or Satin finishers to enhance the print colours. Add a shape to the printed item with die cutting or with a little engineering make the print three dimensional,too much to take in… again talk to your printer who will give you the advice and show you the options.

There is a lot to consider when putting together a print campaign not just the specifications and application  but also the budget.

With a wide range of wide format print media there is a product that will fit the budget for each print campaign however large or small. Dibond composite panels Correx, Foamex, PVC all in a range of colours. Display board in range of thickness,perspex acrylic in a range of colours including transparant and in a range of thicknesses. With Reel print media material options include self-adhesive films, paper, Back lit films, front lit banner PVC, Clingz are particularly great as they are all adhesive free. All can be printed in full colour plus white for clear or dark colour sheets.

The picture shown features a print project undertaken for local Jim’s Butchers. Their print brief was clear and precise,use our Branding to display our special offers outside the store. The displays need to be moved outside each morning and moved back into the store at the end of the trading day.We already produce A4 promotional hand outs printed on our store printer with artwork produced on the store computer.

Our studio were soon on the case, studying the brief and looking at previous artwork produced and used to print projects for Jim’s Butchers. The light bulb moment switched on. Use Jim’s Butchers Branding as a back board to stand outside the store with the A4 print outs attached to it. After a few visuals the plan pulls together. A very large Jim’s Butchers, Butcher Branding cut out add the wording Special offers and Jim’s Butchers with six spaces for six A4 special offer print outs. Artwork produced and signed off for print. The artwork is printed three to view on a sheet of white faced composite sheet 3M x 1.5M. The full colour printed sheet was then lamminated with gloss film to protect the printed image so when the A4 special offer sheets are removed, any unwanted adhesive residue can be cleaned away. The printed and gloss laminated sheet of composite is now cut to shape, revealing three out door sign units with the printed display ready for delivery.

Why use composite for the Jim’s Butchers project. This print media is easy to print onto, it is lightweight and easily portable to move in and out of the stored because the composite can also be gloss laminated  it can be regularly cleaned. Composite can be easily profiled around the Branding offering large display panels.

If you like a butchers bargain www.jim’ to see Jim’s bargains this week.

The printed display boards have worked well, increasing sales and visitors to Jim’s

Should you need guidance with printing specifications or a print requirement contact Repro Arts print team for guidance. With years of experience and a wealth of product knowledge we are here to help.

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It may be hot but Christmas Point of Sale is hotter

Are you in Retail  one store or more stores. Now is the ideal time to think about that Christmas campaign. Get that grey matter on the move. Do not leave it until the last minute. This year be on top of it.

It will pay to be organised. It will give you more time to do all the things you said you should have done last year. Your stores will have that prefrontal  look. This will pay off because a well planed campaign increases the foot fall in your stores. Increased foot fall leads to a higher spend per visit.

There are some great ideas this year floor graphics & ceiling graphics use once.

Hanging cards, Window graphics. Large banners, Bollard signs. What an array of special inks to be printed from glitter to Gold. Yes they all have a shelf life so you can store and re use the following year. Just do not put a date on your Point of Sale campaign. Next year you can freshen up your store with some additional prints.

You could also arrange your January SALE Point of Sale campaign to be delivered in December now that is forward planning.

All Point of Sale can be printed by wide format printing or Screen printing or both. Printing can be finished with die cutting, hand finishing or Large format printing can be profile cut. Point of Sale and printing can be collated in to Store packs & dispatched Nation wide via our partner UPS.

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